February 26

Honesty and trustworthy

  • Always be honest because it will help you later on in life.
  • Honesty looks like facial expressions to tell the other person you are not lying.
  • Sometimes you have to trust people you don’t always trust.
  • Being honest means your respectful.
  • When your honest you feel good about yourself.
  • If your true to yourself and others you know your doing something right.
February 25

100wc #3

One day far far away in a small little hollow their lived a little green bunny.
He was very shy but at times he was very talkative he always went for a morning swim.
One day when he went for a swim he saw a little rabbit just like him.
he went to go to talk to him and the other rabbit turned around and said look at the pond it is all gassy he said.
yes I know said the small rabbit,I have a pool at my house do you want to came yes said the little rabbit.

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February 24

100wc #3

My name is Dr.Green, I was about to go swimming in the river.
Do you want to come with me, no thanks the whether people said it will be a bit gassy.
I’m sure it will be fine OK I will come.
We will be going there in my new ford.
We are here your completely wrong it looks fine it will be likely that it will have some gas in it in a couple of minutes.
By the way Dr.Green I am not a swimmer I am a dancer .
Hey it is really gassy now.
February 19


I would like to be a SRC because I have never been one and it would be a great opportunity for me.

I also think I should be an SRC because I will share my thought and ideas.

I am an organized person and will take on rolls if needed.

I will help others always have a go and never give up.


February 17

Letter to Lee

Today I will be telling you about me and what I did on the holidays.

At the start of my holiday I was at home until Christmas.

On Christmas I went to my Grandmas and stayed the night I love going to my grandmas because I get to ride my motorbike and go in the pool.

On boxing day I went up to Bright with my family and I always played mini golf and went to the river every day with my family and I would always ride around the caravan park.

once we got back from bright we stayed a couple of days at home and then went up to my aunties house up at Armstrong Creek near Geelong and Torque. We stayed there for 4 days and went to the beach every day  I love the beach when I splash in the water and surfing I have amazing fun.

Once I got back from the beach I stayed home a day and went back up to my grandmas.

I played with my younger cousin when I was up there.

Once we got back home I didn’t  do much we stayed home and played with my friends who live on the street.

On the weekend after the school holidays me and my brother went the skate park my brother face planted and snapped his tooth in half and had a massive bruise on his chin. We went to a dentist in the city and the people there glued his tooth back together.