March 17

Australia day BTN

On Australia day lots of people get together to have a barbecue or go to the cricket etc.

But others like aboriginals have remembrance day on Australia day and remember there relatives.

Some people go to the parliament house and there is a concert. Here is 3 facts about this text 2 understandings and 1 question.

3. In this text I learnt that aboriginals would remember there relatives.

I also found out that there is a concert at the parliament house and lots of people go.

Australia day used to be called foundation day.

2.Now I understand that different cultures celebrate different things.

I understand that people do different things on the same day especially people from different types of cultures.

1.I wonder why not many people celebrate Australia day as a day that people came here to make us a country.


March 16

100wc The connection #11

“TY!” “yeah” “there is no connection” “well am not using the internet”
“well come and get my internet working.” “Why would I ever do that go fix it your self” “I don’t know how.” “Ty what do I do, do I ring the electric company” ring  Telstra OK beep beep bop beep ring ring. “Hi my connection is not working” “we will be over strait away” “done”.
Knock knock “who is it” “the telstra guy I am here to fix you internet”
“okay come in”. “Okay lets start so my iPad has no connection go to settings and push a grey button”.

March 9


School Sport

This text was about a football player called Brad but then got drooped but that was the greatest thing of is life. He got to be in the LSU American football team and was a head of lots of people in the kicking because of hes past years in a football team. Here is a 3 2 1 things I got out of this text.

3 Facts. In this text I learnt that LSU Has a ninety five seat stadium and  at a game nearly every one comes so the seats are all filled. Also the school has a multi million dollar budget. They even have there own cheerleaders and coaches.

2 Understandings. Now I understand that you can play any sport and it can be away from your home country. Also if you have been drooped from your favorite sport you don’t have to give up.

1 Question. How would it feel to leave your home country and and start a completely new sport.

A link to the Behind the News website.



March 9

100wc #10 The frozen men


One day there was three statues of three men they all could talk.
When the youngest man said why are we frozen the two other men didn’t now.
The young man was really curious to find out and asked people but he remembered that if anyone new he was alive people would freak out and call the police.
Every day the young man would ask the other men about why we are frozen.
After a couple of days the other men got sick of the young one saying why are we frozen so they made things up.


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March 7

100wc#9 Speed man

One day someone called Mr.Kal was walking and he started to walk slower and slower and he felt he could barley move but could still talk.
Two days later he could run 100 km an hour Mr.Kal was the flash and could run faster than anyone.
He always saved anyone from any danger.
Every kid loved him because they have all watched the movie Flash.
But know there’s a new movie called speed man and every kid had watched it 1 billion times.
Every time a shop got more speed mane movies they were a day.

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March 2

Buddie Reflection

I have already learned so much about my buddie already.

Hes name is Henry and he is a little shy but I think he will get along with me later on.

He responded to my letter by telling me the answers, one of my questions was do you have any pets he said I have one dog.

My buddie is not hard to handle when doing work and is independent.