April 30


This news report was about science and it tells you lots of kids don’t want to do it as a subject. Lots of teachers around the world really want to make shore kids learn about science. The teachers did some camps all about science and the kids started to love it.


3. Not many kids are doing science as a subject.

After camps that kids did about science they love it.

Lots of science know is fun and it isn’t just sitting in a lab all day writing a report on a project.


2. I know now why teachers want kids to do science.

I know understand that science is fun.


  1. Why don’t kids want to do science as a subject.
April 28

The little rabbits 100wc #15

One day there was a little rabbit named Travis. Little Travis was hopping around one day and he saw a little green box. Travis felt he had to open it so he did. A little bunny just like Travis jumped out of the box Travis didn’t know what to do. The little bunny was jumping everywhere.Travis asked the bunny if he wold like to go inside. The little bunny said “yes”.So the little two bunnies went inside and stayed at Travis’s house for the night The little bunny said it was very warm inside.

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April 20

BTN indigenous parliament #14

This text was about how indigenous Australians work out there parliament. A girl in north of Alice Springs got to go to Canberra and do a act of parliament and go to see lots of other indigenous Australians.

3.There is a indigenous Australian organization of parliament.

When the indigenous people got to Canberra they did a lesson on how to run a act of parliament.

This group of parliament started when thy when in high school.


2.I now understand that there is a indigenous Australian parliament.

I know understand that you can do a really big thing that can change the world at a really young age.


1.What is the difference between the normal parliament and the indigenous parliament.

April 20

The slime 100wc #14

One day I was going to school and I found a little green box. The next moment I put my hand in the box and it felt slimy and I heard a little voice saying “help”. I looked in the box and there was a little slime with a face on it. After a couple of minutes the slime said “hello my name is boon” I said my name was “Ty” The slime said “I want to be your best friend” Ty said okay.The slime and Ty were best friends for ever onward and they had lots of fun.

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April 15

BTN #13 The speakers job

In this news report I learnt that in the old days if the government didn’t agree with the speaker the speaker could go to jail or have their head chopped of. sometimes you might think the speaker is easy because you are in charge but it is very hard for them to keep in charge.

3 facts.In the old days if you were a speaker you could have your head chopped of or go to jail.

If you are a speaker now you wont have your head chopped of or go to jail it is a lot safer now.

If you are the speaker you run all the things going on.


2 Understandings.I did not now that in the old days if  you were the speaker you could have you dead chopped of or go to jail.

I also didn’t now that the speaker has to take care of the parliament house.


1 Question. Why does the speaker have to take care of the parliament house.

April 12

Jimmy WON! #13

Today was the day that someone called Jimmy was going to do a science project.Jimmy was really exited to do hes first project and he was doing it on a speck of dust. In the middle of the experiment Jimmy put a growing chemical on the speck and it got bigger and bigger by the second. The next day Jimmy came back into the class room and the speck was as big as him. When the teacher came in Jimmy did not get in trouble at all he actually got the first prize and Jimmy was happy for life.