May 29

BTN #19 school technology

This BTN article was about technology at school.

  1. Australia is ranked the most using technology country in the world.

Parents are stressed about having to pay this much money on computers.

Parents are telling the school if they could bring their own devices but some schools say no.

  1. I understand what kids use their computers for.

I understand that Australia is the most used technology country in the world (school related).

1 my question is why do some schools not let kids bring their own devices in to school

May 26

100wc My flame#19

I alighted my flame as it was cold and dark. I was shivering my flame finally alighted quietly but it was to dim and flicked and went out. It could’t put up a fight to the dark strong frightful wind. I went asleep in my warm sleeping bag I was so deep into my sleep I forgot I was camping and forgot everything that happened to me. The next morning  the darkness and the crest of the sun was creeping up and getting all the darkness away. As the sun rose up I lighted my flame again but it just went out.

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May 25

Divisional cross country

Today I raced in the divisional cross country this is a level that you have to get through to. When they called my name and I got marshaled my heart was beating 1,000 beats in a second I was really nervous. Once everyone was on the start line my heart was beating like crazy. The race starter said on your marks, get set, GO!. I was in the top three people it was a tough race already. I was third and then we crossed a road and up a hill I got in front of one person bye then I was already on the person coming first’s tail. It was tough, hard and stressful race but I didn’t give up I was surging really hard to get in front but whenever I did he would surge to get in front of me. I tried a couple of times and he got really tired so I tried one more time on top of a hill with a bought 800m left and I got in front and I ran as fast as I could to stay in front and I crossed the finish line FIRST. I was so happy I made it to the next round the next round is regions.

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May 24


Goals for semester 1

I want to be more organized with my work. I could ask people what things I need to bring to class so I don’t have to go back out to my locker. I could plan on what to bring. I could look at the board and if there is maths I would get my maths folder out of my bag. Being more efficient. Don’t talk to people and stay focused. Have a timetable. Be more organized. Maths I would like to work on problem solving and division. Writing I would like to improve on my punctuation.


Goals for semester 2

I would like to work on my computer skills and use the technology better. This would help me in later life and currently. I would like to be more efficient using my computer. I fell need to improve on my spelling because I haven’t done much around that area so far this year. I maths I want to go further in my number system and work with bigger numbers. With the computer skills it will be great if I could do my computer skills really efficient. These are future goals.


Goals for semester 1 reflection

I have achieved more organizational work because I have been asking people what books I need and when they don’t know, I look on the board and I get the right book. In numeracy I have improved in my problem solving by using a chart that helps me work out problems. I have been efficient in my work because I have worked hard and stayed focus and got my work done on time. I have improved in my writing by using simple, complex and compound sentences. These helped me.









May 24

Properer speech: Do all Liquids have water in them.

 Dear 5/6 B I am sure you are wondering about, do all liquids have water in them.


Mercury can be called a liquid but lots of people call it a solid what do you call it. I call it a liquid so if you are like me well not all liquids have water in them. If you disagree well all liquids have water in them.


Mercury is a type of metal that acts like a liquid. Oils do not have water in them either have you ever seen water and oil mix it doesn’t work. So know you now mercury and oils don’t have a water based surface.


There is a perfectly good reason why oils and water don’t mix and it all comes down to chemistry.


This is why oil and water doesn’t mix. Have you ever dropped a little bit of oil where water is it, floats on the top? Or ever put oil on your hands and try to wash it off with water and the water doesn’t stick and take they oil off properly.


Water has a key molecule called polar this molecule makes water and oils don’t mix. Wondering what polarity is? Polarity is one end of something is positively charged and one isn’t. We all know that water has H2O. This is 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen these atoms are not set in lines. The electrons spend more time on the oxygen side of the molecule, giving this side a negative charge and the hydrogen side a positive charge.


To sum up my points this was about if mercury is a solid or a liquid, why oils don’t have water in them and lastly why liquids don’t mix with water.


May 22

btn #18 endangered animals

In this article the people talked about how endangered animals plant’s ect survive.

3. There are a lot more endangered animals and plants because of hunters.

Lot’s of animal rates are going down really fast.

There were a heap of more animals added to the countries animals and plants endangered species over the past week or two.

2.I understand why animal rates are going down really fast now.

I understand hat animals really need help to survive.

1. Why are there so many people hunting animals and killing wildlife.

May 21

The little man #18 100wc

One day there was a little silent orange man who always wore hes pajamas. the little man always went for walk and one day he found a swimming place so he jumped in and swam around for an hour. that night there was a massive thunder storm so he jumped into hes bed and went to sleep. the next morning everything was okay he thought something was going to be knocked down but he was wrong. so the little man went for hes walk to jump in the swimming pool he found yesterday but it was flooded with water and …

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May 15

BTN #week17 NAPLAN testing

In this BTN article it shows peoples opinion if they should do NAPLAN on computers or stay with pencils and paper.

3. Some people think it is better on paper because of technical difficulties.

Others think you should do it on paper because it doesn’t wast paper.

Some schools don’t have the devices if they start doing it on computers.

2. I understand why we should do it on paper instead of computers.

I understand we don’t use computers currently for NAPLAN.

1. If they would change it next year why cant they change it this year or a couple of years ago.