June 20

Oil vs Milk

This week in our chemistry science unit we are doing an experiment on why some liquids mix with others and some don’t. the thing we are going towards is changing one state to another.

Aim: to observe what happens when we mix water and oil and water with milk. Find out why the outcomes happens.

Hypothesis: I predict that the oil and water will not mix with each other and the milk will be the opposite and I think it will mix with each other. Because of the molecules in the oil it doesn’t mix with the water.

Observations: When we mixed the oil with the water the oil stayed at the top of the water. The milk and the water mixed together. Once we observed what happened we mixed both the milk and water and oil and water. After 2 minutes we stooped the oil still didn’t mix but it was very bubbly the milk still looked the same.


When we added the milk to the water it just looked like milk, half of milk is water and the other half is fat so the water mixed in with the fat and just looked like milk. then when we pour the oil into the water and found out that it is impossible or the two to mix because the oil molecules are more attached o each other than water molecules. It says on top because because it is less dense than water.

Conclusion: To sum up the milk mixes but the oil doesn’t simply because oil molecules are more attracted  to each other than water molecules. Because milk is half fat if you apply heat it will evaporate all the water and leave the fat behind. Then if you put more heat the fat will burn.




June 19

100wc #22 The speechless man

One day I was playing my violin in the park. After a couple of minutes I was hungry so I got my yellow sandwich and started eating it. As soon as I took a bight a massive airplane swept right in front of me. I almost fell over I was speechless. I was so much in shock and I drooped my sandwich. I didn’t know what to do so I started playing my violin again. I started playing and the airplane struck again. I drooped my violin and was shacking in fear.

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June 19

Junk food BTN #22

This btn article was about junk food

3. this article talked about kids not having enough healthy food.

Also in places in Australia kids are getting most of their daily energy needs from junk food.

People say kids want junk food from .t.v advertisements.

2. I understand that lots of kids are getting lots of their food from unhealthy things.

I also Understand that kids need a lot more healthier things in their body.

1. My question is why do lots of kids eat unhealthy when they should.


June 12

BTN #21 Free ranged eggs

This BTN article was about he new rule that is changing about free ranged eggs.

3. There is a new rule changing about free ranged eggs and some people are happy and some not so sure.

There was a change about the  word ‘free ranged’ instead of leaving chickens in cages an should let them run around.

Free ranged farming cost more but farmers a whiling to pay it so they can get eggs.

2. I understand that lots of farmers need eggs to keep there farm going.

I also understand that lots of people like free range eggs instead of caged eggs.

1. My question is why do you need to change the law about eggs when the rule now is fine.

June 8

100wc #21 A whistle blew and everyone disappeared

The whistle blew and the lights went off I turned them on and know one was there. I turned the lite of and but nothing happened . I searched everywhere but nothing worked. I blew the whistle a hundred more times. I searched I blew I searched I blew. Until I was so tired the whistle blew and the lights went out. I woke up still nothing was there until I realized the place I was in didn’t fit in my mind. I hit my head a couple of times and then the whistle blew and the lights went out…


GOAL:My goal was to make the scene a mystery and let the reader keep on thinking about the story and make the story not end.

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June 2

Mini moguls #20 BTN

This BTN article was about mini moguls and what kids have done to develop this.

3. Some kids do these lesson on the holiday and just do business lessons.

The kids that did this program where in business school.

The teachers said since technology has been around it has never been easier to do this program

2. I understand that people don’t just spend time with their family.

I also understand that lots of people go to programs on the holidays and do things like this.

1. My question is why do they not do this in normal school as a topic.


June 2

The metal man 100wc #20

One day there was a man who was really tiered and needed a rest so he sat down and read the news paper. The next thing he new there was a metal man right next to him and the man jumped. He didn’t know how the man got there he was waving to see if the man was alive the man didn’t move muscle or say anything. The man didn’t think the metal man was there when he got there in the first place. After that day the man never forgot what happened.

GOAL: My goal was to make the story to the point and not worry about anything else.

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June 2

The lurking big dangerous voice


One day a group of friends were riding their bikes. After a couple of minutes saw a massive brand new mansion one of the group members said “Let’s have a quick look because no one has bought it yet”. But they made the biggest mistake of their lives.


The group all turned the door knob together with their eyes closed. “Open your eyes everyone” “WOW”! “It is like a whole new village in here” ”it is massive”. Everyone walked in together when they got in they said it was as big as VICTORIA. But the group didn’t realise what was lurking in that very dark wonderful looking mansion. After everyone played on thing in the mansion after they had enough they agreed to leave but they only just realized the door knob was locked. Once the group told everyone it started to get dark and cold so they decided to explore.


All the younger kids in the group to get very tired. They older kids all kept exploring and they left the younger kids to sit down and rest and they left them on their own. The younger kids all all asleep in a couple of minutes. The older kids found out that leaving the younger kids alone is NOT! Safe but the older kids were lost. They tried yelling but it didn’t work one of the kids suggested calling them on a phone so they did that but the younger kids didn’t pick up. The older kids tried retracing their steps but it didn’t work so the instantly kept on calling them. It was getting late so the older kids said they would try and find them in the morning.


“WAKE UP everyone the younger kids are with us and”

“STOP how did they get to us and we are in a different place than we were last night”.

“All the younger kids are awake”.


“Who was that” said one of the younger kid.

“I have no clue who that was”.

“I have been lurking around this mansion watching you”.

“Who are you”?

“I have one word for your group and it is RUN”!!!

Everyone runs to the door as fast as they could. Everyone’s heart is beating like it has never beated before they are running so fast the blood is barely getting to their feet. They all smash the door open and they jump on their bikes and pedal as fast as they could to the safety lab. Everyone jumps into the lab the voice that they heard can’t find them so the voice returns to the mansion. The group never ever went back to the mansion again.


The group of friends called the police the next day and the house was knocked down and now one ever saw it again. The voice was still lurking in someone else’s house though. No-one else new about the voice, besides the group and somewhere in that village layed the voice.


2 weeks went by and the group only just remembered about the voice. So the group rang up the police station to tell them about the voice. The police didn’t believe the group so the group had to give them proof. The police finally arrived and the group told them about the police what happened 2 weeks ago. The police finally agreed with what the group said and the police said they would work it out. They contacted all police stations in the area to tell them to search their area. Once everyone had contacted their area there was only one house that didn’t answer. The group and the police went to investigate the house as soon as they got there. The owners where outside shivering in fear. The police asked what was wrong they said the house has been really inactive and acting and talking lately.


The voice was a gas that no one could see so the police orded a special hat’s so they could see the gas. When the hats came the police went in. A couple of minutes later  all the police came out tugging the voice and the police ran to a fire and chucked the voice in.