September 15

Tsunami Research Project



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Q1: What is a tsunami?

Q2: What causes a tsunami?

Q3: Are smaller tsunamis able to do more damage than other tsunamis.

Q4: Why are some tsunami’s bigger than other.

Q5: Do bigger tsunamis with less water capacity die down quicker than smaller tsunamis with more water capacity.


Q1:A tsunami is a wave with a massive wave capacity and has a wave Length of 10 to 500km.

Q2:A tsunami is caused by an underwater volcano or earthquake ECT to make a vertical displacement in the crust.

Q3:Smaller tsunamis might have a bigger water capacity and might do more damage.

Q4:The reason why some tsunamis are bigger than the smaller tsunamis is because the vertical displacement is bigger than others.

Q5:Tsunamis with more water capacity won’t die down as quack because they have more water to push through things.

Comparing tsunamis between each other.


Intro… Paragraph 1

Are smaller tsunamis able to do more damage than bigger ones.… Paragraph 2

What is a tsunami… Paragraph 3

What causes a tsunami… Paragraph 4

Why are some tsunamis bigger than others… Paragraph 5

Do bigger tsunamis with less water capacity die down quicker than smaller tsunamis with more water capacity… Paragraph 6

Systems analyse… Paragraph 7



Tsunami: A tsunami is a deadly wave with a massive water capacity and will destroy anything in its way.

Vertical Displacement: This how the tsunami is formed when the vertical displacement happens all the water gets pushed up and bunched up to form a tsunami.

Tectonic plates: The tectonic plates is how they underwater earthquake is formed then it leads to the vertical displacement to turn into a tsunami.

September 11

100wc #8

Today was the day I was going to the footy game. I was mainly there because my friend was going. the teams where Collingwood  and Carlton. My friend was Ollie. When I Arrived at the game I strait away saw Ollie in he’s seat so I went over. I sat down but it was someone who looked like Ollie. Then I realized I went  the the wrong game. So I quickly went back home and Ollie was right at my front door step waiting for me. So then we Got in the the car and drove to the right game.


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September 4

BTN #7

This BTN report was about the new 5 dollar note.

3.The old note has a  little window

A seven pointed star you can only see when you hold it up to the light and micro-printing

Really small words you normally need a magnifying glass to see.Two understandings I had were that the note looks better

2. that the note looks better.

A blind person would know what it is.

1.My question is would all they original notes be changed when there are heaps and heaps.


September 1

100wc #7

“YESSS” said the crowd as Usain bolt won the race. Shore I was cheering but I was most exited for the 1500 hundred final I new  was doing that event in 2 weeks. I already new that the 1500 was going o be a fast sprint to the first bend. Just as I said it the race started and it was fast to that first bend. after all that they formed a bunch. 2 weeks later I was on the star line I was ready,Go and everyone was gone I went strait to the front with my friend Max me. With 300m to go I sprinted and got in front of max and won the race.

Goal: My goal was to go from one time of my life to another time.

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