October 18

solar system

Saturn uses 70% out of all 8 planets. Mercury is the smallest planet  one of Saturn’s moon is bigger than mercury. The solar system that we live in is over 4 and a half billion years old.

One of my understandings was that some big moons can be bigger than small planets. I also know understand that Saturn takes up 70% of all 8 planets.

The question I have is there ever going to be technology that will enable us to see what is up where all the planets are.

October 13

Early Astronamy

The Babylon people used writing witch lead on to calculations and then a calendar. The Maya people also used a calendar but they used a base of twenty unlike today where we only use a base ten. Ptolemy invented the ptolemaic system it said that earth was in the center of the universe this and most other of his knowledge was past bye hepatitis a greek mathematician.


I understand that Maya and Babylon people where able to make calendars back then. Another understanding I got was that the Maya people where able to make a calendar with a twenty number base system.


Was There any other people like Babylon and Maya people that made calendars?


October 10

Term 4 science unit goals

I want to investigate how far spaceship’s can go into space ships currently. (2016)


I want to find out how and why space has no gravity and why earth does.Why do he planets orbit around the sun and also spin them self around.earth move faster? around the sun?



I do want to learn a lot about the science but I do have  to remember to record my information and also learn new ways to