March 30

100wc Hard,Beautiful,Brown,Worried,Camera

It was a hard brown camera just sitting in the corner on its own I had now idea to take it or not because nobody owned the shack and I really want a camera. I was worried to take it I said to myself “just take it” so I did it felt hard and looked brown. I sprinted with it and as the sun rose up I took a picture of it and it was beautiful. I couldn’t afford to look at the picture for ever though. So I kept on sprinting and once I saw the door of my house I stopped immediately. 

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March 29

BTN History

In this BTN it showed a person who was a migrant who now is a comedian.                                                        One fact I found was lots of different people are involved differently to the society we have today. Another fact I found was that this particular person the BTN was about is a comedian and came from Vietnam. I also found out Anh Do has a brother and in 2005 he was young Australian of the year. Hes Brother also nearly was killed by pirates as he was hanging him over the edge of the bout. I know understand lots and lots of different people might have little jobs that help the world or they could be brand new to the country and maybe be politic or a comedian. I also understand that you might not know who the person is that you maybe talking to you and maybe tat person has a bit of a different life story to to you. I wonder if Anh Do still thinks about what happened when he was a kid. Does he still worry about what happened can he still remember much?

March 25

but how can something be so tiny 100wc #4

“Why is it so tiny” “it is impossible to know even if a microscopic telescope scientists can’t see it”. “scientists don’t even now where it came from or how long it has been  around”. “Does anyone have an idea of what it is”.” There is one person who claimed he has an  idea about what it is but nobody believes him”. ” I do know where he lives because he wanted me to come check out he’s information about the little thing”. I am thinking in my head how is this thing so tiny, why do people put so much effort into a tiny little thing.

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March 22

BTN #4

This video was a a bought what Australia was like o long time ago.Victoria and NSW where the most popular and the richer areas of Australia. The other states where always asking for money and Victoria and NSW would never give any money. Great Britain also had fights with other countries and they lost most of them so that land wasn’t there’s any longer. I know understand it wasn’t just the aboriginals that had to fight but other outcries did. I know understand in 1901 all the states agreed to be one country aBTNnd Great Britain signed it and it was a country. I am still wondering why they didn’t decide to make it a whole country earlier.

March 19

So that is why I am always last. 100wc #3

I am officially a teenager so I can quit all my sports and the reason why I want to quite is well just keep reading and you will find out. I only want to quite all my sports is because is i always get picked last for things. I am always picked last and I have no clue why I have one friend and he does all the sports I do. My friend Is always picked second last so I am never on hes team. Once me and my friend Ben got together and attempted to fell sick.


March 13

100wc #2 The tree

As I walked into the deep dark forest a special tree awaited me that special tree was a  handmade living tree but the tree has also got something around it. The tree chooses one person each year and that person is they only one in the world that can see that thing around the tree. this year it is my turn I can also tell if I am having a dream an example of me having a dream is right now. I am sure you are wondering how do i know i am having a dream if the whole tree thing isn’t real.

March 9

BTN History #2

This text was about what happened to people that where going to get arrested.

When people moved to Australia the rules where mainly the same as when they where in England. If someone where to be arrested they would have big iron chains around them and it was hard to walk. the people who where sentenced for transportation had to work for the rich people and the they would get payed. I know understand that lots of people where sick and still had to do their work or even people had the big iron chains on. I also understand that not only the convicts where sent over but lots of other people. The question I have is how many other people that weren’t convicts got sent over.

March 2

BTN History#1

This BTN report is about people like convicts that where shipped over to Australia and Also aboriginals.      Aboriginals had to fight against white men to keep their land. Convicts from England where sentenced over to Australia for robbery or other things they might of done. when the first fleet arrived the whole of Australia was called New South Whales. I know that it was really tough on the convicts and how they had to settle in but also be on the boat for more than a year. Another thing was the aboriginals how hard it was on the aboriginals because of the fight. My question is what happened to the aboriginals that survived.


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March 1

100wc Camp Activity

As I picked up my board  I felt the soft foam. I carefully placed my board on top of the water. I sprinted with my board on the water and when the water was deep enough I jumped on the board. I started to paddle out as the waves where crushing and pushing me back. I finally saw that golden wave hat I new I had to catch. Once I saw it I paddled as fast as I could right out to it. I turned my board and I paddled with the wave. Then I said to myself this is it.

March 1

however, yellow, gingerly, discovered, remarkable 100wc #1

That is Remarkable however yellow is my least favorite color. Why would you make it that color Tom. I discovered  that yellow is  the longest lasting color. I am going to treat it gingerly and have it kept in a glass cabinet in my room. I wonder if I can make to of these and fight them and enter competitions. I wight even be able to start a company and sell them. But why would any one in the whole world use one of those Tom. You never now what people are up to and what they want.