March 1

100wc Camp Activity

As I picked up my board  I felt the soft foam. I carefully placed my board on top of the water. I sprinted with my board on the water and when the water was deep enough I jumped on the board. I started to paddle out as the waves where crushing and pushing me back. I finally saw that golden wave hat I new I had to catch. Once I saw it I paddled as fast as I could right out to it. I turned my board and I paddled with the wave. Then I said to myself this is it.

Posted March 1, 2017 by ty2014 in category 100wc

1 thoughts on “100wc Camp Activity

  1. aaliyah2016

    I like how you focused on one moment, it was really descriptive and you could tell that you loved surfing. And you used the five senses, great job Ty.


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