April 27

BTN T2 #2

This BTN report was about a refugee who is in the Australian defense force.

The afghan refugee Kbora Ali was a refugee and came to Australia and she wanted to thank the in a way. Kbora decided she wanted to join the army so she put in an application when she was in year 10 and she got into the defense force while this was going on her parents never new. Kbora was also the first ever female refugee to join the army. I know understand that you can be a refugee or come from a different country but still be an Australian residence and be what you want to be. I also understand you might be the first person to ever do something that effects Australia or other countries. My question is if she is the first female is there  any men or is she the first refugee ever.


April 25

100wc T2 #2

GOAL:My goal is to try and switch between third and first person view and make sure it flows well.

I was on a trip it may not seem fascinating but to me ants are the only thing that can make me feel happy. It may seem a little different to some but I don’t really care what others rate it. As long as I am having fun I don’t mind what others think. The reason I am studying ants for all my life is because I am the only one that does it and there is nobody to correct me. “sir sir” I say repeatedly “what other types of ants do you have because so far you only have bullet ants”


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April 19

100wc T2 #1

I was young only 4 but I was old enough to see and observe what the art gallery has. Then I suddenly stopped at a picture I  realized it was different in a way. It was 3D  which made my  brain feel fuzzy. This was the only creation I had questions about. I just could not stop thinking about it  I felt painting and creating it because I felt like i new everything about it. After 1 long week I went back to the exhibition thinking I would have a stronger understanding of it but I did not sadly.