April 19

100wc T2 #1

I was young only 4 but I was old enough to see and observe what the art gallery has. Then I suddenly stopped at a picture I  realized it was different in a way. It was 3D  which made my  brain feel fuzzy. This was the only creation I had questions about. I just could not stop thinking about it  I felt painting and creating it because I felt like i new everything about it. After 1 long week I went back to the exhibition thinking I would have a stronger understanding of it but I did not sadly.

Posted April 19, 2017 by ty2014 in category 100wc

1 thoughts on “100wc T2 #1

  1. libby2016

    You have some great ideas here Ty, but they don’t flow quite as well as they could. Try to plan out your piece before writing, and read it back aloud to ensure it reads fluently. I love the sentence with the phrase “…which made my brain feel fuzzy”.


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