May 28

BTN #6 Weedy Seadragons

This article was about a certain type of Seadragons.

Australian scientists are trying to save a certain type of Seadragon called the Weedy Sea dragon. There has been lots of worries about these animals being endangered. 15 kilometers from Sydney is where these Sea Dragons live,  these beautiful creatures are native to Australia and are mostly found  in the south and east coast waters. I now know that there are lot’s and lot’s of marine animal species endangered. I also now know that  they have a a way of knowing how many Weedy Sea Dragons they have left. My question is at what rate are they getting more extinct.



May 25

100wc #6

“3   2    1 and where live”.

” Hello live news here and we are still investigating on newspaper hands holding what looks to be a massive burger”.

” The sculpture has magically appeared  over night and people are still investigating who has done it or how they made it and even got it into the center square”.

” and that is all we have for now when we get more information we will immediately inform everyone”

” and cut”.


“MUM!” I yell at the top of my lungs “there is a massive sculpture in the center square it was just on the news”

“SHHHHHHH be quit”

“MUM there is something approaching”…




I wanted to try something I have never tried in a 100wc or any piece of writing I have done.

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May 25

Melbourne Aquarium

Today we went to the Melbourne Aquarium to get better knowledge on our knowledge on our science topic on adaptions.

An adaptions is something that helps an animal or any other living thing  survive in it’s environment. E.G. One of our adaptions is our legs because our legs help us to move around our environment.

On the excursion we went around the aquarium looking at different animals for about 15 minutes hen we all get together and had a talk about what adaptations the animals had.the Some of the animals we saw and talked about where: Crocodiles, Penguins, Lung Fish, Port Jackson Shark and catfish.


May 23

Excel data lesson

The reason I chose the pie graph is because I  used percentages and I was using numerical data. I also chose the pie graph because in the pie graph there is 100% and all the percentages added up to 100%.



Here is my graph:


And here is the data I used:

% of worlds wealth held in 2005
Richest 10% 58.2
2nd Richest 10% 16.8
3rd Richest 10% 10.5
4th Richest 10% 6.5
5th Richest 10% 4.4
6th Richest 10% 2.5
7th Richest 10% 0.9
8th Richest 10% 0.2
9th Richest 10% 0.1
Poorest 10% 0


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May 20

BTN #5 T2 House Prices

Over 40 years ago houses where 30 times less expensive to they average house you could by today. You also don’t pay for the whole house at one time because you wouldn’t have enough money so you borrow money from the bank  and pay it off over an amount of time but you also have to pay interest which is just an extra bit of money being paid.Other places in the world that struggle with house prices are: New York,London,Tokyo,Paris and Denmark. Something I now understand is the that house prices are going up really fast. Another thing I now understand is that over 40 years ago it was 30 times cheaper and another thing was Australia isn’t the only country that is struggling with house prices. My Question is how quickly is the house prices increasing.


May 17


I opened up the wide door and there was a orange crocodile but instead of running away I noticed it had collapsed I didn’t have a clue on what to do.I was concerned that it wasn’t ok there was no phone or gadget to contact anyone so I yelled but realized I was within a sound proof room. I very slowly and quietly walked up to the orange crocodile and it looked very different like the eyes weren’t eyes they where cameras then I realized soundproof room an cameras I was trapped. But all I could do was…


Goal: I wanted to get the reader attracted to the book and feel for the crocodile and then make a massive twist to it.

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May 11

BTN T2 #4

This BTN report was about eagle hunters and what they do.

A fact I found was people in Mongolia do something called eagle hunting where they go with eagles into the mountains and hut with the birds. Another thing I found really surprising was that the place they do eagle hunting can get down to a temperature of  approximately -40 degrees. I also found out eagle hunting is only for men  but a 14 year old girl is trying it out and wanting other men and women to start doing it. Something Interesting was it can get down to a temperature like that and a girl only 14 years old is trying it. Another thing I found interesting was that the birds are really strong and it took one whole year for some people just to be able to carry the big birds. The question I have is will the girls dream come true of whether or not the world is introduced to eagle hunting.

May 9

100wc T2 #4

I just could not eat something so I didn’t. Then I came back 5 minutes later but still  couldn’t eat whatever the hell my mum cooked up and put on my plate. All I know is it isn’t the exact same colour as the other members of my family and I don’t think I have ever seen or eaten it in my whole life. It isn’t I don’t like it I cant swallow it but I just cant physically swallow it. I still do hate it but that isn’t the reason I cant get it down.

May 3

BTN T2 #3 Battle of the coral sea

This BTN report was mainly about WW2 when Australia  and the us joined forces to attack Japan.


I found out that after the Japanese dropped  bomb on Darwin and Hawaii we mainly attacked each other on the sea. I also found out that the people on our side where Australia,Britain,France,China,United States of America and Soviet Union. another thing that I found interesting was he Japanese team which was Japan,Italy and Germany. I also know now that most of WW2 was Not just on land but on water as well. Another thing I  now understand is that after the Japanese dropped a bomb on us the though the where strong and went to bomb other countries. The one Question I have is what made started the war or why did the Japanese bomb us and Hawaii and some other places.

May 2

The slime dripped through T2 #3

The slime dripped through the door and into the floor of my room. I had know clue where it came from and what it would do if I touched it or inhale it or even eat it. It looked fairly green but a little hint of blue on the outside. It kept on coming like it was an unlimited source of slime coming out of he roof of my bedroom. I wanted to touch it but I held back just in case. It looked like it was getting solider and harder as the day went on. But then…