May 9

100wc T2 #4

I just could not eat something so I didn’t. Then I came back 5 minutes later but still  couldn’t eat whatever the hell my mum cooked up and put on my plate. All I know is it isn’t the exact same colour as the other members of my family and I don’t think I have ever seen or eaten it in my whole life. It isn’t I don’t like it I cant swallow it but I just cant physically swallow it. I still do hate it but that isn’t the reason I cant get it down.

Posted May 9, 2017 by ty2014 in category 100wc

1 thoughts on “100wc T2 #4

  1. ijaz2017

    Nice post Ty. I really like how you used lots of descriptive words it really helped your post to come together.


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