June 30

Project Reflection

Project Reflection

In this unit my partner and I did a big project about thorny devils.  This unit was really fun because I got to explore around the internet and find useful websites for our animal. This also was really good to work on collaboration skills and trust. The reason why because you have to trust your partner to do work and also you have to collaborate to get the work done in time.

Science Knowledge:

In this unit I learned a lot about adaptations and there are 2 types’ structural adaptations and behavioural adaptations. Adaptations is what helps something live. Adaptations form depending on the environment so it can live. This is related to science because the animal can change over time to adapt to the environment. One of the adaptation for the thorny devil is that the thorny devil can squirt blood out of its eyes on to the preditor.

Science Inquiry Skills:

I predicted that in the science part of the unit the sponge would be about the same weight as the piece of wood because the wood was heavier from the beginning but the sponge would absorb more water.

Personal & Social Capabilities:

Personal strengths have really helped because when you have to talk to your partner and maybe have to give them some negative feedback.

3 2 1 Reflection: (key: 3 facts you found interesting-RED 2 understandings-Blue 1 question-green

I found some really interesting things about the thorny devil including it can squirt blood out of its eyes. The Thorny devil can run in a unique motion because of the boiling hot sand. It is known as the weirdest of the lizard family. It also has conical spikes all over its body. I now understand that this is a small creature in the dessert but has lots of adaptations to adapt in the environment. Another thing I know understand is it has a fake head with 2 big conical spikes and also conical spikes all over he’s or she’s body. My question that I still have about the thorny devil is when it squirts blood out of its eyes where does the blood come from.

Section 2:

In term 2 we (me and Stavros) did a presentation on the Thorny Devil. Some of the most important thing I learned was mainly about working I partners and sharing around the work. I learned this because I was working with Stavros for the whole project and developed better communication skills. I think I am going to use the new skills that I have now to help me in later life or the next time I work with a partner.

A wrap up of the unit:

Well the long stressful unit is over, but it wasn’t all like that lots of it was packed with fun like the model and the diorama. I enjoyed finding out facts about the thorny devil and working with a partner. To be honest the hardest part was the reflection but at the end of the day we all know we had a lot of fun doing the whole thing. It was fun doing all the work with a partner though and you might even got to know them.




June 4

BTN #7

This BTN report was about schools doing coding.

Lots of kids from Aberfoyle Park High School have created games from using coding. These kids use their coding skills on tablets using a coding language called python on a app called pythonista. The school’s got 7 games on the app store that anyone in the world can play. It is now the first school in the country to be registered as a developer under its own name! I now understand that any school or any kid learn coding and then make a game out of it. I also now understand that every game has something to do with coding and that is all you mainly need to now about making your own game. My question is do any other schools have a coding club.

Here is a link  to the video I watched.


June 3

100WC #7 T2

I was deep into a cold wet dark forest. I was afraid of whatever there was going to challenge me next. I had no food or water and to make matters worse there was no resources in sight. Then I heard something but it wasn’t animal it was thunder. Each step I took it got scarier colder and more uncomfortable. I felt I got to the point I forgot how to move my limbs. Then in a flash of lightning I got the smallest glimpse of a horse and a man on it then I turned around and never stopped sprinting until…