September 16

100wc T3 #9

“So, what lies ahead of us” “I don’t no but what I do no is these aliens are going to keep coming back at us until the human race is no longer in existence.” ” Well I’m not so down to fight these guys anymore” “c’mon you and me are all our country has got to put up a fight against these guys.” ” How many more aliens can they put up against us because they can’t have an unlimited amount can they?” “No they can’t but they have a lot more than we do and I mean a lot.”

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September 10

100wc #8 T3

Nobody knows how long they have been there some people say since god was alive others say a couple of yr=ears and it goes on with people assuming things. One day I woke up very curious of when the footprints and the shoe had been there. I walked over to the golf course to take a good look at the shoe and the footprint. From what I can see the shoe looks new and you can see the bottom shoe print in the shoe marks. So I assume  it is from this week.

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September 2

100wc #7 T3

I was in my plant in the ocean trying to get to sleep but my tail kept slipping out in to the open ocean. In the ocean at night the big whales and sharks come out and rob you and on my tail I have a very priceless ring that my dad gave me just before he died. The ocean is a little different to the normal world it is always light and if it goes dark then well actually I don’t know what would happen it hasn’t happened in 267 years  then suddenly it went dark…

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