October 24

T4 #3 100wc

As the door slammed, I knew I was in deep, deep trouble. I didn’t have a great record at this school but it wasn’t the worst my arch enemy was sitting right next to me I was half of my chair ready to sprint. out teacher comes in “it is always you isn’t it always starting a fight with Ben” ” this time it wasn’t me I swear!!”. “How about you guys stay in for all lunches this week, that sound good” me and Ben both mumbled “ok”. “Good now go to your seat and read a book”.

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October 18

100wc T4 #2

This is is a story from a runaway criminal. He was riding a $4500 bike around the park trying not to be noticed. he suddenly heard a sirens and cop cars in the street stopping and crime stoppers getting out. He immediately dived into the pond and stayed there he somehow staid there for quit some time without having to take a breath. When  he had to take a breath he made a break for it and found a sewer and never left. “That was the story guy’s sorry have to go the crime stoppers are coming my way”.

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October 14

100wc T4 #1

The load roar of the engine is just music to my ears. The yellow glimmer shines in the sun. As I hold the clutch it gives me a jump then i am off. I pass all of the trees and the animals as if they were not there.

Note:  I have loads of treasured things to me but I put 2 things in this story both these things combined gets 100 words.

They glimmer even in the darkest place of earth I put them on my neck and there are so many i can barely stand up with them all on. As soon as you put them on it feels like you are in VR. All the memories come back.



What It Was:

First thing was:

My new motorbike

Suzuki JR 80

Second thing was:

All my medals: picture:   Best medals:Other medals: