October 14

100wc T4 #1

The load roar of the engine is just music to my ears. The yellow glimmer shines in the sun. As I hold the clutch it gives me a jump then i am off. I pass all of the trees and the animals as if they were not there.

Note:  I have loads of treasured things to me but I put 2 things in this story both these things combined gets 100 words.

They glimmer even in the darkest place of earth I put them on my neck and there are so many i can barely stand up with them all on. As soon as you put them on it feels like you are in VR. All the memories come back.



What It Was:

First thing was:

My new motorbike

Suzuki JR 80

Second thing was:

All my medals: picture:   Best medals:Other medals:

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