November 22

BTN Coding


Red = facts

Blue = understandings

Green = question

One of the facts I got out of this report was they use a app called python which is easy for them to access and they put there code in then they can click a button and see the game. Another thing was coding is used by letters and spaces to create a game. I know understand that there is lots of coding websites to use not just the one we use at school(scratch). I also now understand that there is loads of devices that you can use. My question is how long do these games take to create and how long is the process.

November 15

100wc #6

PROMPT: but where would we hide it all?

“Okay, if my mum comes up we have to have a place to hide all the lollies and chocolate”. “But where would we hide it all?” “I have no clue but we have to put it somewhere hidden and unexpected”.  “Quickly she’s coming” “where do I put the lollies?” “just put it under my bed” “I hope you guys are in bed” “it is 12 o’clock” ” yes, mum I grumbled in a low voice.” ” Hey it’s me Ty did you put the lollies under the bed” “yeah do you want to it them now” “yeah sure why not.”

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November 2

T4 #4 100wc

Tomorrow our school is going to be celebrating the school swimming carnival and I am very excited. Wow everyone is dressed in white bathers I wonder why. I would never dress like that I would always wear my vibrant yellow swimmers. When I was lining up for the 50 meter freestyle I noticed they where getting flame heater things. I then noticed whenever the starter do the starting signal the flame would turn on it looked really cool in my opinion I think everyone else liked it as well. ON YOUR MARKS, GO.

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