September 16

100wc T3 #9

“So, what lies ahead of us” “I don’t no but what I do no is these aliens are going to keep coming back at us until the human race is no longer in existence.” ” Well I’m not so down to fight these guys anymore” “c’mon you and me are all our country has got to put up a fight against these guys.” ” How many more aliens can they put up against us because they can’t have an unlimited amount can they?” “No they can’t but they have a lot more than we do and I mean a lot.”

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September 10

100wc #8 T3

Nobody knows how long they have been there some people say since god was alive others say a couple of yr=ears and it goes on with people assuming things. One day I woke up very curious of when the footprints and the shoe had been there. I walked over to the golf course to take a good look at the shoe and the footprint. From what I can see the shoe looks new and you can see the bottom shoe print in the shoe marks. So I assume  it is from this week.

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September 2

100wc #7 T3

I was in my plant in the ocean trying to get to sleep but my tail kept slipping out in to the open ocean. In the ocean at night the big whales and sharks come out and rob you and on my tail I have a very priceless ring that my dad gave me just before he died. The ocean is a little different to the normal world it is always light and if it goes dark then well actually I don’t know what would happen it hasn’t happened in 267 years  then suddenly it went dark…

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August 26

100wc #6 T3

 As it came rushing towards us we turned around and did not stop running me and my friends where  screaming for help but I was just thinking to myself run as fasts and as far away from the dog as you can. I looked back and saw my friends right on my tail and then the dog following them. I tried to examine the dog and see  if I new what type it was. From what I can see it is a Pit Bull cross Rhodesian Ridgeback as soon as I think of those two dogs they aren’t the best mix for a dog.

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August 16

100wc #5 T3(term3)

Today was my lucky day the one day of the year I could stretch my legs and have arest from all the mayhem. It was my birthday. Us seals never ever get a day off the only day we do get off is uor birthday. Yes that is right our president makes us work day and night. But even better my best friend Kevin has the axact same birthday so me and him always hang out on our special day. Well dont you think I told you enough about my life now go away and let me enjoy my sleep.

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August 12

100wc #4

It was my favourite shop to go to I was stocked up on money so I could spend all I want on cushions. My favourite type of cushion is what they call a scarlet red print cushion. But in the corner of my eye I saw the old cranky annoying lady giving me the death stare. She started walking over to me a little quicker than she does to normal people and then a rushed over to the next door violin store and went into the bathroom. The last time I saw that lady I got kicked out for no reason.

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August 5

100wc T3 #3 but then the flash made me



It was the last day of middle school forever so me and my mates decided to take a day off. We all met up at the local milk bar like always and the shopkeeper had already gotten our medium vanilla milkshake. For some reason all our stupid little pea sized size brain decided to go to the abandoned tunnel. (Quick note about the tunnel a person named Freddie went into that tunnel a couple of years ago and never returned). We started to walk through the tunnel slurping up the last but of our milkshake when the flash made me……

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July 30

100wc T3 #2

Well where do I start, ahh here we go when all of a sudden BANG… Then everything went black and nothing happened for a very long time. Then something happened 1050 years later a light appeared and then another and another and another. There was no explanation for them they just appeared. They didn’t stop appearing it was like stars in the night sky appearing everywhere. Finally instead of a shiny gold light it was a blue light and it was the biggest light it stood out the most. Ok kids enough story time it’s bed time.

July 23

100wc T3 #1

I rubbed my eyes harder than I have ever rubbed them before thinking that it was a dream or it wasn’t real but nothing worked. I grabbed my drink bottle and put water on my face expecting to wake up but nothing happened. The only thing that happened was more and more horses from the carousel where jumping into the open air and vanishing into the wild. I sprinted as fast as I could to the closest horse and jumped on and grasped the horse and ducked my head and hoped for the best.

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June 3

100WC #7 T2

I was deep into a cold wet dark forest. I was afraid of whatever there was going to challenge me next. I had no food or water and to make matters worse there was no resources in sight. Then I heard something but it wasn’t animal it was thunder. Each step I took it got scarier colder and more uncomfortable. I felt I got to the point I forgot how to move my limbs. Then in a flash of lightning I got the smallest glimpse of a horse and a man on it then I turned around and never stopped sprinting until…