November 22

BTN Coding


Red = facts

Blue = understandings

Green = question

One of the facts I got out of this report was they use a app called python which is easy for them to access and they put there code in then they can click a button and see the game. Another thing was coding is used by letters and spaces to create a game. I know understand that there is lots of coding websites to use not just the one we use at school(scratch). I also now understand that there is loads of devices that you can use. My question is how long do these games take to create and how long is the process.

June 4

BTN #7

This BTN report was about schools doing coding.

Lots of kids from Aberfoyle Park High School have created games from using coding. These kids use their coding skills on tablets using a coding language called python on a app called pythonista. The school’s got 7 games on the app store that anyone in the world can play. It is now the first school in the country to be registered as a developer under its own name! I now understand that any school or any kid learn coding and then make a game out of it. I also now understand that every game has something to do with coding and that is all you mainly need to now about making your own game. My question is do any other schools have a coding club.

Here is a link  to the video I watched.

May 28

BTN #6 Weedy Seadragons

This article was about a certain type of Seadragons.

Australian scientists are trying to save a certain type of Seadragon called the Weedy Sea dragon. There has been lots of worries about these animals being endangered. 15 kilometers from Sydney is where these Sea Dragons live,  these beautiful creatures are native to Australia and are mostly found  in the south and east coast waters. I now know that there are lot’s and lot’s of marine animal species endangered. I also now know that  they have a a way of knowing how many Weedy Sea Dragons they have left. My question is at what rate are they getting more extinct.



May 20

BTN #5 T2 House Prices

Over 40 years ago houses where 30 times less expensive to they average house you could by today. You also don’t pay for the whole house at one time because you wouldn’t have enough money so you borrow money from the bank  and pay it off over an amount of time but you also have to pay interest which is just an extra bit of money being paid.Other places in the world that struggle with house prices are: New York,London,Tokyo,Paris and Denmark. Something I now understand is the that house prices are going up really fast. Another thing I now understand is that over 40 years ago it was 30 times cheaper and another thing was Australia isn’t the only country that is struggling with house prices. My Question is how quickly is the house prices increasing.


May 11

BTN T2 #4

This BTN report was about eagle hunters and what they do.

A fact I found was people in Mongolia do something called eagle hunting where they go with eagles into the mountains and hut with the birds. Another thing I found really surprising was that the place they do eagle hunting can get down to a temperature of  approximately -40 degrees. I also found out eagle hunting is only for men  but a 14 year old girl is trying it out and wanting other men and women to start doing it. Something Interesting was it can get down to a temperature like that and a girl only 14 years old is trying it. Another thing I found interesting was that the birds are really strong and it took one whole year for some people just to be able to carry the big birds. The question I have is will the girls dream come true of whether or not the world is introduced to eagle hunting.

May 3

BTN T2 #3 Battle of the coral sea

This BTN report was mainly about WW2 when Australia  and the us joined forces to attack Japan.


I found out that after the Japanese dropped  bomb on Darwin and Hawaii we mainly attacked each other on the sea. I also found out that the people on our side where Australia,Britain,France,China,United States of America and Soviet Union. another thing that I found interesting was he Japanese team which was Japan,Italy and Germany. I also know now that most of WW2 was Not just on land but on water as well. Another thing I  now understand is that after the Japanese dropped a bomb on us the though the where strong and went to bomb other countries. The one Question I have is what made started the war or why did the Japanese bomb us and Hawaii and some other places.

April 27

BTN T2 #2

This BTN report was about a refugee who is in the Australian defense force.

The afghan refugee Kbora Ali was a refugee and came to Australia and she wanted to thank the in a way. Kbora decided she wanted to join the army so she put in an application when she was in year 10 and she got into the defense force while this was going on her parents never new. Kbora was also the first ever female refugee to join the army. I know understand that you can be a refugee or come from a different country but still be an Australian residence and be what you want to be. I also understand you might be the first person to ever do something that effects Australia or other countries. My question is if she is the first female is there  any men or is she the first refugee ever.


March 29

BTN History

In this BTN it showed a person who was a migrant who now is a comedian.                                                        One fact I found was lots of different people are involved differently to the society we have today. Another fact I found was that this particular person the BTN was about is a comedian and came from Vietnam. I also found out Anh Do has a brother and in 2005 he was young Australian of the year. Hes Brother also nearly was killed by pirates as he was hanging him over the edge of the bout. I know understand lots and lots of different people might have little jobs that help the world or they could be brand new to the country and maybe be politic or a comedian. I also understand that you might not know who the person is that you maybe talking to you and maybe tat person has a bit of a different life story to to you. I wonder if Anh Do still thinks about what happened when he was a kid. Does he still worry about what happened can he still remember much?

March 22

BTN #4

This video was a a bought what Australia was like o long time ago.Victoria and NSW where the most popular and the richer areas of Australia. The other states where always asking for money and Victoria and NSW would never give any money. Great Britain also had fights with other countries and they lost most of them so that land wasn’t there’s any longer. I know understand it wasn’t just the aboriginals that had to fight but other outcries did. I know understand in 1901 all the states agreed to be one country aBTNnd Great Britain signed it and it was a country. I am still wondering why they didn’t decide to make it a whole country earlier.

March 9

BTN History #2

This text was about what happened to people that where going to get arrested.

When people moved to Australia the rules where mainly the same as when they where in England. If someone where to be arrested they would have big iron chains around them and it was hard to walk. the people who where sentenced for transportation had to work for the rich people and the they would get payed. I know understand that lots of people where sick and still had to do their work or even people had the big iron chains on. I also understand that not only the convicts where sent over but lots of other people. The question I have is how many other people that weren’t convicts got sent over.