October 14

100wc T4 #1

The load roar of the engine is just music to my ears. The yellow glimmer shines in the sun. As I hold the clutch it gives me a jump then i am off. I pass all of the trees and the animals as if they were not there.

Note:  I have loads of treasured things to me but I put 2 things in this story both these things combined gets 100 words.

They glimmer even in the darkest place of earth I put them on my neck and there are so many i can barely stand up with them all on. As soon as you put them on it feels like you are in VR. All the memories come back.



What It Was:

First thing was:

My new motorbike

Suzuki JR 80

Second thing was:

All my medals: picture:   Best medals:Other medals:

July 30

100wc T3 #2

Well where do I start, ahh here we go when all of a sudden BANG… Then everything went black and nothing happened for a very long time. Then something happened 1050 years later a light appeared and then another and another and another. There was no explanation for them they just appeared. They didn’t stop appearing it was like stars in the night sky appearing everywhere. Finally instead of a shiny gold light it was a blue light and it was the biggest light it stood out the most. Ok kids enough story time it’s bed time.

May 3

BTN T2 #3 Battle of the coral sea

This BTN report was mainly about WW2 when Australia  and the us joined forces to attack Japan.


I found out that after the Japanese dropped  bomb on Darwin and Hawaii we mainly attacked each other on the sea. I also found out that the people on our side where Australia,Britain,France,China,United States of America and Soviet Union. another thing that I found interesting was he Japanese team which was Japan,Italy and Germany. I also know now that most of WW2 was Not just on land but on water as well. Another thing I  now understand is that after the Japanese dropped a bomb on us the though the where strong and went to bomb other countries. The one Question I have is what made started the war or why did the Japanese bomb us and Hawaii and some other places.

May 2

The slime dripped through T2 #3

The slime dripped through the door and into the floor of my room. I had know clue where it came from and what it would do if I touched it or inhale it or even eat it. It looked fairly green but a little hint of blue on the outside. It kept on coming like it was an unlimited source of slime coming out of he roof of my bedroom. I wanted to touch it but I held back just in case. It looked like it was getting solider and harder as the day went on. But then…

March 2

BTN History#1

This BTN report is about people like convicts that where shipped over to Australia and Also aboriginals.      Aboriginals had to fight against white men to keep their land. Convicts from England where sentenced over to Australia for robbery or other things they might of done. when the first fleet arrived the whole of Australia was called New South Whales. I know that it was really tough on the convicts and how they had to settle in but also be on the boat for more than a year. Another thing was the aboriginals how hard it was on the aboriginals because of the fight. My question is what happened to the aboriginals that survived.


Link to behind the news:





March 1

however, yellow, gingerly, discovered, remarkable 100wc #1

That is Remarkable however yellow is my least favorite color. Why would you make it that color Tom. I discovered  that yellow is  the longest lasting color. I am going to treat it gingerly and have it kept in a glass cabinet in my room. I wonder if I can make to of these and fight them and enter competitions. I wight even be able to start a company and sell them. But why would any one in the whole world use one of those Tom. You never now what people are up to and what they want.

February 16

BTN Women’s footy

This article was about Women’s football  and how they finally announced that women’s AFL is a thing. The Women’s football has already started.

Women are finally playing AFL in the highest league. AFL means Australian football league so there is now teams all  over Australia. Women have modified rules so it is a little different but most of the time it is the same E.G: They only have a size 4 ball and men have a size 5. An understanding I have is that this will help other people to get more people involved in the sport. Another understanding  I have is that it is modified to men’s AFL E.G: They have shorter quarters and other smaller things. A question I have is do they have the same positions on the field as men.



Key: Facts  understanding  Question

February 13



I believe I have the skills to take on this role. You need to be able to communicate to people and you have to show leadership to others around you. Another big skill you have to have is organization. But there is lots of smaller things like being mature and you have to be capable of this role and be able to give up a lunchtime a week.


My communication this year I got house Captain for Chisolm and for this contains a whole lot of communication. If you ask why it is because you have to go around to all the other Captain’s and vice’s to ask about the chant and how on top of it we are ect.  So I believe that I contain all of these skills and have built one puzzle piece closer to being a SRC.


Another responsibility or skill you have to have is leadership as you now I got house Captain for Chisolm and you need to show a lot of leadership to others. With house Captain you don’t just show leadership to the 5/6 you show how to all year levels. Another example I have is buddies last year I got a Buddie named Henri he was really calm but playful and he always as open to new ideas. We will all get a Buddie this year and take on that massive role of leadership.


You also have to be organized which again ties into house Captain. House Captain does contain all of these skills but these is one of the key ones. The reason why house Captain contains all of these organization reasons is because you have to put people in events and on the day you have to put people in for other people that aren’t there. Also tell someone where they have to go and when.


You also have to have lots of smaller skills like being mature and being capable of this role and being open to new ideas.


This concludes my speech I believe I have all of these skills and will make a great SRC for the upcoming year of 2017 Thank you.


February 13

Dear Libby,

I am looking forward to the year ahead and I now I will have lots of fun throughout the year ahead. I also had a really fun break doing things with family and friends. I also believe you had a fun break from reading your letter.


I have one younger brother who can get really annoying at times but in the end he is really fun to do things with. My dad he is also fun because he always pushes and encourages me in my sport. Not only that but he does lots of fun things with me. My Mum, she is always helpful in any way possible. I also have a brand new family member my dog she is a staffy and she is very cute. She loves tummy rubs and is adorable.


On my Holiday I did lots of fun things but one of my most favourite thing we did was go too bright on Boxing Day. We stayed at a caravan park up there and had lots of fun. I rode up Tawonga gap on my bike and it was very tiring. We loved Bright so much that my mum and dad decided to buy a caravan and annex up there.  So we bought one the day we were leaving. But we also bought something else the day we left we bought a dog. She is now approximately 15 weeks old. Day dog was born: 15/8/16 Right now: 7/2/17. We named our dog Roxy she is a staffy she also bites and scratches a lot.


Some of the sports I play are:

Swimming, Cross country, Track cycling, Athletics, Football, Triathlons.

I also do lots of training with all of these sports with the club or outside of these sport with my dad and sometimes my mum. I also love trying new sports E.G: This year I am in the school Volleyball team. I also love doing all of these sports and love giving new ones a try. I love being active and love going for a run and bike rides with my family.