June 30

Project Reflection

Project Reflection

In this unit my partner and I did a big project about thorny devils.  This unit was really fun because I got to explore around the internet and find useful websites for our animal. This also was really good to work on collaboration skills and trust. The reason why because you have to trust your partner to do work and also you have to collaborate to get the work done in time.

Science Knowledge:

In this unit I learned a lot about adaptations and there are 2 types’ structural adaptations and behavioural adaptations. Adaptations is what helps something live. Adaptations form depending on the environment so it can live. This is related to science because the animal can change over time to adapt to the environment. One of the adaptation for the thorny devil is that the thorny devil can squirt blood out of its eyes on to the preditor.

Science Inquiry Skills:

I predicted that in the science part of the unit the sponge would be about the same weight as the piece of wood because the wood was heavier from the beginning but the sponge would absorb more water.

Personal & Social Capabilities:

Personal strengths have really helped because when you have to talk to your partner and maybe have to give them some negative feedback.

3 2 1 Reflection: (key: 3 facts you found interesting-RED 2 understandings-Blue 1 question-green

I found some really interesting things about the thorny devil including it can squirt blood out of its eyes. The Thorny devil can run in a unique motion because of the boiling hot sand. It is known as the weirdest of the lizard family. It also has conical spikes all over its body. I now understand that this is a small creature in the dessert but has lots of adaptations to adapt in the environment. Another thing I know understand is it has a fake head with 2 big conical spikes and also conical spikes all over he’s or she’s body. My question that I still have about the thorny devil is when it squirts blood out of its eyes where does the blood come from.

Section 2:

In term 2 we (me and Stavros) did a presentation on the Thorny Devil. Some of the most important thing I learned was mainly about working I partners and sharing around the work. I learned this because I was working with Stavros for the whole project and developed better communication skills. I think I am going to use the new skills that I have now to help me in later life or the next time I work with a partner.

A wrap up of the unit:

Well the long stressful unit is over, but it wasn’t all like that lots of it was packed with fun like the model and the diorama. I enjoyed finding out facts about the thorny devil and working with a partner. To be honest the hardest part was the reflection but at the end of the day we all know we had a lot of fun doing the whole thing. It was fun doing all the work with a partner though and you might even got to know them.




October 13

Early Astronamy

The Babylon people used writing witch lead on to calculations and then a calendar. The Maya people also used a calendar but they used a base of twenty unlike today where we only use a base ten. Ptolemy invented the ptolemaic system it said that earth was in the center of the universe this and most other of his knowledge was past bye hepatitis a greek mathematician.


I understand that Maya and Babylon people where able to make calendars back then. Another understanding I got was that the Maya people where able to make a calendar with a twenty number base system.


Was There any other people like Babylon and Maya people that made calendars?


October 10

Term 4 science unit goals

I want to investigate how far spaceship’s can go into space ships currently. (2016)


I want to find out how and why space has no gravity and why earth does.Why do he planets orbit around the sun and also spin them self around.earth move faster? around the sun?



I do want to learn a lot about the science but I do have  to remember to record my information and also learn new ways to

June 20

Oil vs Milk

This week in our chemistry science unit we are doing an experiment on why some liquids mix with others and some don’t. the thing we are going towards is changing one state to another.

Aim: to observe what happens when we mix water and oil and water with milk. Find out why the outcomes happens.

Hypothesis: I predict that the oil and water will not mix with each other and the milk will be the opposite and I think it will mix with each other. Because of the molecules in the oil it doesn’t mix with the water.

Observations: When we mixed the oil with the water the oil stayed at the top of the water. The milk and the water mixed together. Once we observed what happened we mixed both the milk and water and oil and water. After 2 minutes we stooped the oil still didn’t mix but it was very bubbly the milk still looked the same.


When we added the milk to the water it just looked like milk, half of milk is water and the other half is fat so the water mixed in with the fat and just looked like milk. then when we pour the oil into the water and found out that it is impossible or the two to mix because the oil molecules are more attached o each other than water molecules. It says on top because because it is less dense than water.

Conclusion: To sum up the milk mixes but the oil doesn’t simply because oil molecules are more attracted  to each other than water molecules. Because milk is half fat if you apply heat it will evaporate all the water and leave the fat behind. Then if you put more heat the fat will burn.




May 24

Properer speech: Do all Liquids have water in them.

 Dear 5/6 B I am sure you are wondering about, do all liquids have water in them.


Mercury can be called a liquid but lots of people call it a solid what do you call it. I call it a liquid so if you are like me well not all liquids have water in them. If you disagree well all liquids have water in them.


Mercury is a type of metal that acts like a liquid. Oils do not have water in them either have you ever seen water and oil mix it doesn’t work. So know you now mercury and oils don’t have a water based surface.


There is a perfectly good reason why oils and water don’t mix and it all comes down to chemistry.


This is why oil and water doesn’t mix. Have you ever dropped a little bit of oil where water is it, floats on the top? Or ever put oil on your hands and try to wash it off with water and the water doesn’t stick and take they oil off properly.


Water has a key molecule called polar this molecule makes water and oils don’t mix. Wondering what polarity is? Polarity is one end of something is positively charged and one isn’t. We all know that water has H2O. This is 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen these atoms are not set in lines. The electrons spend more time on the oxygen side of the molecule, giving this side a negative charge and the hydrogen side a positive charge.


To sum up my points this was about if mercury is a solid or a liquid, why oils don’t have water in them and lastly why liquids don’t mix with water.


February 26

Honesty and trustworthy

  • Always be honest because it will help you later on in life.
  • Honesty looks like facial expressions to tell the other person you are not lying.
  • Sometimes you have to trust people you don’t always trust.
  • Being honest means your respectful.
  • When your honest you feel good about yourself.
  • If your true to yourself and others you know your doing something right.