February 13

Dear Libby,

I am looking forward to the year ahead and I now I will have lots of fun throughout the year ahead. I also had a really fun break doing things with family and friends. I also believe you had a fun break from reading your letter.


I have one younger brother who can get really annoying at times but in the end he is really fun to do things with. My dad he is also fun because he always pushes and encourages me in my sport. Not only that but he does lots of fun things with me. My Mum, she is always helpful in any way possible. I also have a brand new family member my dog she is a staffy and she is very cute. She loves tummy rubs and is adorable.


On my Holiday I did lots of fun things but one of my most favourite thing we did was go too bright on Boxing Day. We stayed at a caravan park up there and had lots of fun. I rode up Tawonga gap on my bike and it was very tiring. We loved Bright so much that my mum and dad decided to buy a caravan and annex up there.  So we bought one the day we were leaving. But we also bought something else the day we left we bought a dog. She is now approximately 15 weeks old. Day dog was born: 15/8/16 Right now: 7/2/17. We named our dog Roxy she is a staffy she also bites and scratches a lot.


Some of the sports I play are:

Swimming, Cross country, Track cycling, Athletics, Football, Triathlons.

I also do lots of training with all of these sports with the club or outside of these sport with my dad and sometimes my mum. I also love trying new sports E.G: This year I am in the school Volleyball team. I also love doing all of these sports and love giving new ones a try. I love being active and love going for a run and bike rides with my family.



July 18

Unit goals




As a result of this unit, I will


Unit Learning Goal 1: Science


I will . . . Understand key extreme weather terms, including:

List words here



Continental lithosphere


Inner core


Unit Learning Goal 2: Science


I will . . . Sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect Earth’s surface.

Unit Learning Goal 3: Science


I will . . . With guidance, pose questions to clarify practical problems or inform a scientific investigation

  • Use equipment and materials safely, identifying potential risks.
  • Compare data with predictions and use evidence in developing explanations.


Unit Learning Goal 4: Science


I will . . . Scientific knowledge is used to inform personal and community decisions.



Unit Learning Goal 5: Reading and viewing


I will . . . Investigate how the organisation of texts into chapters, headings, subheadings, home pages and sub-pages for online texts and according to chronology or topic can be used to predict content and assist navigation.



Unit Learning Goal 6: Writing


I will . . . Use a range of software including word processing programs with fluency to construct, edit and publish written text, and select, edit and place visual, print and audio elements



Personal Learning Goals: During this unit, I will . . .

I bielive I need to work on my public speaking around audience and get better a preparing my work and preparing for topics e.g.Debats or prepared speeches. I also want to be ore organized for all my work related things. I also want to improve on compuer issues and learn and get to do more things on it.

May 24


Goals for semester 1

I want to be more organized with my work. I could ask people what things I need to bring to class so I don’t have to go back out to my locker. I could plan on what to bring. I could look at the board and if there is maths I would get my maths folder out of my bag. Being more efficient. Don’t talk to people and stay focused. Have a timetable. Be more organized. Maths I would like to work on problem solving and division. Writing I would like to improve on my punctuation.


Goals for semester 2

I would like to work on my computer skills and use the technology better. This would help me in later life and currently. I would like to be more efficient using my computer. I fell need to improve on my spelling because I haven’t done much around that area so far this year. I maths I want to go further in my number system and work with bigger numbers. With the computer skills it will be great if I could do my computer skills really efficient. These are future goals.


Goals for semester 1 reflection

I have achieved more organizational work because I have been asking people what books I need and when they don’t know, I look on the board and I get the right book. In numeracy I have improved in my problem solving by using a chart that helps me work out problems. I have been efficient in my work because I have worked hard and stayed focus and got my work done on time. I have improved in my writing by using simple, complex and compound sentences. These helped me.









March 2

Buddie Reflection

I have already learned so much about my buddie already.

Hes name is Henry and he is a little shy but I think he will get along with me later on.

He responded to my letter by telling me the answers, one of my questions was do you have any pets he said I have one dog.

My buddie is not hard to handle when doing work and is independent.


February 19


I would like to be a SRC because I have never been one and it would be a great opportunity for me.

I also think I should be an SRC because I will share my thought and ideas.

I am an organized person and will take on rolls if needed.

I will help others always have a go and never give up.