November 28

reflection for webinar

The aim of this webinar was to be safe on the internet and to teach us about being safe from scams and unwanted people. something we are going to take from  this is to look at we will also make sure to avoid all types of  scams and possible scams we might see. something that they did well was using examples and getting us interacted.

March 2

Buddie Reflection

I have already learned so much about my buddie already.

Hes name is Henry and he is a little shy but I think he will get along with me later on.

He responded to my letter by telling me the answers, one of my questions was do you have any pets he said I have one dog.

My buddie is not hard to handle when doing work and is independent.


February 17

Letter to Lee

Today I will be telling you about me and what I did on the holidays.

At the start of my holiday I was at home until Christmas.

On Christmas I went to my Grandmas and stayed the night I love going to my grandmas because I get to ride my motorbike and go in the pool.

On boxing day I went up to Bright with my family and I always played mini golf and went to the river every day with my family and I would always ride around the caravan park.

once we got back from bright we stayed a couple of days at home and then went up to my aunties house up at Armstrong Creek near Geelong and Torque. We stayed there for 4 days and went to the beach every day  I love the beach when I splash in the water and surfing I have amazing fun.

Once I got back from the beach I stayed home a day and went back up to my grandmas.

I played with my younger cousin when I was up there.

Once we got back home I didn’t  do much we stayed home and played with my friends who live on the street.

On the weekend after the school holidays me and my brother went the skate park my brother face planted and snapped his tooth in half and had a massive bruise on his chin. We went to a dentist in the city and the people there glued his tooth back together.











December 2

Maths Problem Solving Reflection

Goal: I can reflect on how I use the P.S.S (problem-solving strategies) and the mathematicians toolbox when solving worded problems

I was able to use make a model from the mathematicians toolbox to solve a problem.

I learnt a little bit about algebra because I payed  attention to the instructions and used the mathematicians toolbox.


November 25


This is my favourite day of the year it is Halloween, I cant wait to get all the candy I get my costume on.I will put my costume on write now.”Ziggy it is time to go trick or treating” ok mum I am going out to get some candy and get my friend Ollie to go trick or treating with me.

(Knock Knock) “who is it” said Ollie

“Ziggy lets go trick or treating”

“ok” said Ollie

“AAAARRR what is that thing”

“It is our decoration.”

“Please tell me if you put something that freaking in your front yard”



















May 22

District cross country

Two weeks ago I went to district cross country. I was in the 9/10 boys which was the second race when it was my race we all lined up on the line and then I heard GO and every one was of. There was a really hard hill that every one went up. Once it was down hill I was coming 3rd and then I could see the finish line and I sprinted to the finish line and I came 3rd.I was really tired for the rest of the day. I also made it through to divisionals.