October 28

The dream I had


By Ty Davis





“Ziggy it is time to go to bed” “ok mum.” Ziggy was walking up the stairs he heard the door open. “DAD! Ziggy yells” but it was not his DAD. It was a ZOMBIE

I Ziggy yelled “MUM there is a ZOMBIE, shrieked his mum, Ziggy you were right.”

“Run away Ziggy the zombie is in the bathroom.”

Quickly and quietly let’s go to Grandpas.



“Grandpa open the door shouted Ziggy


“Arrrr let’s run,”

“To where? Where will we run?”

“Mum is this a zombie apocalypse”

“I think so.”

“I thought you said zombie apocalypse where fake your right Ziggy, and people said it to scare other people.

“I know I said that but someone told me that zombie apocalypse were fake.

Can we get out of here and go to Grandmas”. “Ziggy let’s go we will try to get to Grandmas and if hey mum see that baseball bat and cricket bat over there? Let’s wack zombies with them “good idea”.



Quick let’s go to the police station. Knock Knock “hello come in.”

So what is the problem?

“There is a zombie apocalypse.

Ok I am going to go have a little look for any zombies. “Aaaarrr” there are diffidently zombies out there.” Ok we have to sort this out, we need to contact all police stations in Queensland ok”? “Ok” “how many police stations are there in Queensland”.

“I don’t know there is approximately 15”.

“Well first we need to block the door.”

“We shore do.”




“What do we block the doors with?”

“All the furniture”.

“How will we get all that stuff up the stairs to block the doors?”

“We just have to work together.”

“There is nothing left, to block the door.

“We will have to get out of this place at some point.”

“Your right.”

“Well no zombies can get in now”

“Do you have any food, we are hungry”

“Yes we do.

After you finish your food you should go to bed and get some rest”.

“GET UP GET UP we have to go”


“Somehow aliens have got into our world and the zombies are still here so get up we have to go”.

“It’s only 4:45 AM”.



“There is zombies coming from mysterias places in the world.”

“Well we did call all the police stations in Queensland wait minute how could zombies from mysterias places in the world come to Australia.” “Zombies are apparently not dumb”

“Hey mum the police are here.”

“We know your problem all we need to do is get the zombies in the sunlight”

“That is the problem.”

“We need to stay alive for the next hour”

“What time would it start to be light?”

“Around 6.”

“Zombies are starting to go in to their caves so when it is six in the morning we will go to the caves and get them out and no problems.” Half an hour later.

“We need to go looking for them so they don’t get out later at night.”

“Let’s get into the buggy and find these zombies.”

“Ok some zombies are up there, I am going in and they will see me and I will lead them out. Stand back I am going in.” “Come on zombies I am over here” said James “AAAARRRRR.”

“Mum I can see the man coming into the sunlight” said Ziggy

“AAARRR” screamed James.

“It looks like all the zombies are dead.”

“That was only 294 zombies there are about 10,900 more zombies,” “hey it looks like there is a big bunch up there. Yep there is 5,900 more. Ok I am going in.” said Ziggy

“AAARRR” screamed Ziggy.

“Look over there, he is out and that is some of the zombies. Let’s go see how he is.” Suggested James

James asked Ziggy “are you ok?”

“Yes I am alright” replied Ziggy.”

“Only 5,000 more zombies.”

“Ok I can see another cave but it is starting to get dark, this will be the last cave, AAARRR”

“GET!!! Out of there run away.”

Hey are you ok?” Ziggy asked James.

“Yes I am bet there was only 5weird things and they were not zombie’s mutated zombies.” “AAARRR look over there those mutated zombies are destroying the normal zombies”

“Well looks like we have some upgraded zombies to deal with.”

“Let’s go back to the police station and have dinner and hot milo” suggested James.

“So will we get all those zombies you turn back into normal people”?

Asked James.

“I will call a scientist to make a chemical for the zombies” said Ziggy.

“Who is hungry?” Asked Ziggy.

“All of us” and everyone replied.

“Here is dinner”.

“It’s Pizza I hope you all like it”

This is really good.”

Every one finished

“YES” everyone said loudly.

“Anyone want dessert”

“YES” everyone said loudly.

“Well the dessert is very weird but it is waffles.”


I had finished my desert in a nanosecond.

“Wow you must love waffles.”

“Bed time.”

“We are very safe in here. No zombies can break in.”

“Wake up!!!We need to get up you need to get dressed.”

“OK”! “Mum just be quiet.”

“We need to get to Strathmore secondary college the science teacher working on a potion to kill the zombie apocalypse. “Let’s get the potion and gat out of here.”

We grabbed an abandon bus out the front of the police station and drove through herds of zombies and arrived at the school, we found the science room and there was the science teacher mixing batches of the zombie killing potion. He told us how to use it and then we ran out to the bus.

“There is a giant cave up there I am going in and dripping this all over them.”

“Wow some are alive and some are died.”

“AAARRR! Well that was not so hard.”

“All the zombies are died no more zombie apocalypse.”

“YAY that was the scariest thing in my life.”


“AAARRR! What happened?” BANG “AAARRR” I had this massive dream”

“Wake up you got hit by that baseball really hard.”

“I am fine let’s go get an ice-cream that is a fantastic idea” are you ok yes.